Congratulations on your engagement! You’re overwhelmed with tons of emotions right now. There’s an exciting new journey of wedding planning coming your way! A list of tips for wedding planning could go on for days, but I’ve listed 5 imperative planning tips to start that will help alleviate stress and decrease future chaotic moments for the bride and groom to be! 

1st. Take it all in! You’re engaged! Cloud nine I’m sure could easily describe how you feel at this moment. Have fun with the start of your planning thoughts. Enjoy your husband to be and the moment you’ve just shared. Soak in all the kind words from family and friends. Flip through tons of magazines and planning books. Embrace the new journey of “I am going to be a BRIDE!”.

2nd. Focus on your vision! I know a lot of ladies are walking around with that Pinterest board of your “dream wedding”. This board is probably a plethora of ideas with little to no direction. I urge you to start a new board! You have a ring. It’s OFFICIAL! YAYYY!! Your board should have a clear glimpse of how you see your dream day. Season, month, color palette, and theme/mood for a few examples! If you’re feeling super organized, you can break your Pinterest board down into categories. (i.e. Venue, Florals, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Catering). By chance, maybe you aren’t a tech savvy girl…a good ol’ binder, dividers and magazines clippings can help guide your vision as well! 

Fun Fact: Be sure to include your husband to be in the planning!

3rd.  BUDGET!! Well that’s one word that most women don’t want to hear! It is major for your entire wedding planning process. Mr. and Mrs. to be should sit down and discuss your vision of the big day. Also, make a list together for your guest count (Imperative). Look at who in the family will be contributing financially. For example, bride’s Mother and Father are taking care of the venue and catering. Grooms Mother and Father are taking care of the florals and DJ. The first meeting should be for you and your groom to discuss the budget, details and plan. Next, schedule a meeting with those financially contributing to hear their thoughts and financial plans for your day.  Remember: This is YOUR DAY! YOUR WAY

4th. Venue Search! Let the fun begin! By now, you should have discussed your ideal wedding date/season, budget and guest count. Searching for your venue with a set budget will save you heartache later down the line. You never want to fall in love with a venue not in your budget. Booking your venue will help all other aspects of your planning fall into place. Theme, mood, color scheme and décor!

5th. Recruit Help! This step speaks for itself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, accept help that is offered and assign jobs/roles as needed. 

I hope these tips help you on your start to your wedding planning journey! Breathe and don’t sweat the little things! 


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Neallisha S. French