A Complete Guide to Renewing Your Vows

We Still Do! A Complete Guide to Renewing Your Vows

ByFaith Johnson | 12:33 PM EST

In married couples, the desire to reaffirm one another’s love often means renewing the vows. Many married couples cherish reuniting with family and friends to say, “I still do!”

One of the great advantages of renewing marriage vows is that you don’t have rules that dictate how you do it.

Couples wishing to relive the precious moments of their original marriage are assisted by the jeweler Ingle & Rhode, who have come together with their best advice for the perfect vow renewal ceremony.

Many marriage ceremonies were put off because of COVID-19 restrictions, but future weddings and vow renewals will be more significant and better than ever.

Jeweller Tim Ingle, of Ingle & Rhode, said: “Weddings are beautiful and emotional occasions, with feelings of joy and partnership that can be recreated in vow renewal ceremonies.

Why do couples renew their vows?

Each couple has a unique reason to renew their marriage oath. The most important thing is that renewing marriage vows means something to you and your partner. Couples looking to reaffirm their love for their partner can choose either renew their current vows or to actualize them at a vow renewal ceremony. The most common reasons are as follows:

v  You’ve reached a significant milestone, such as a 10- or 20th anniversary, and want to celebrate how far you’ve come as a couple while reaffirming your love.

v  Your initial ceremony wasn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe you eloped or had a courthouse wedding.

v  You have gone through a difficult chapter of your marriage, and you come out ready to commemorate your union and make a commitment to one another.

How to renew your vows

There is no right or wrong way to have an oath-renewing ceremony. After all, it’s not really a second wedding service but more of a marriage reaffirmation so that all the rules that apply to a “formal” marriage can be eliminated- if that’s how you want it! Here are a few things you should consider when renewing your vows:

v Where will the renewal take place? Renewing your vows at a church could be just what you want. You can also do this on the beach or have a modern and rustic ceremony in your own backyard.

v Who will be officiating? Having someone to celebrate your vow exchange is logical, but it could be anyone! It can also be a beloved family member, a trusted friend, or someone who has remained at your side for the duration of your relationship. Pick a person important to you.

v Would you like to have your family and friends in attendance? Renewing avow can be a great opportunity to bring together everyone you love and treasure in one place to celebrate your wedding commitment. It can also be a great opportunity to step away from all that and have a special time for both of you.

v What do you want to wear? If you want to renew your vows with a tuxedo and a wedding dress, this is certainly an option. If you want to renew your vows in jeans and a buttoned shirt because it’s just who you are, this is great, too!

Helpful tips for a great renewal ceremony

The most important thing to remember is that renewing a vow is everything about you and your partner, just like a marriage is. Do so in a way that you both think is meaningful, reflecting your marriage journey, and will continue for years to come.

v Do what you couldn’t do the first time around. If your wedding ceremony weren’t as big as you thought it would be, a vow renewal is your opportunity to do whatever it takes to celebrate. If you’ve already had an extravagant wedding and it was more formal than fits your personality, maybe you want your vow renewalto feel more intimate and better reflect what you are as a couple.

v  Decide on a special location. Whether you got married at the courthouse or on a beach, choose a place that suits you and your partner’s special connection. It could be the place where you first met, a favorite place to visit, or simply a place where you dreamed of renewing your vows.

v  Take the time to write your own vows. Whereas it may sometimes be challenging to express your love in a way that does its justice, renewing marriage vows can be an opportunity to talk from the heart and communicate with each other exactly how you feel.

v  Make it a unique experience. Some couples choose to celebrate the renewal of their vow by exchanging a new set of rings or adding an engraving to their original wedding ring. Others opt for handfasting ceremonies that are traditional in Scotland. Finding ideas can be tedious, but looking efficiently for inspiration for your dream renewal ceremony is essential.

With so many marriage plans delayed in 2020, we feel that more and more couples will consider renewing their vows for years to come. Talk with one of our trustworthy wedding experts about personalizing your special renewal ceremony.