If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to switch to a feature-rich cloud-based phone system. Virtual cloud-based phone systems include messaging, meetings and video over any internet connection through desktop or mobile apps.


Perfect for:

–      Texting brides without sharing your personal number

–      Hosting Zoom meetings with staff and clients

–      Answering the office phone from anywhere


We recently switched and I’m so glad we did. We had no idea we’d have to work from home when we made this change but fortunately we were ready!


Sign up for virtual phone service today!


We chosePete Wilcox at Myan Technologies to hook us up. He has access to better pricing than if you go direct. You can reach Pete at (713)703-2713 and be sure to let him know you are a friend of theBridal Extravaganza.


Or, as always, give us a call at 281-340-7777. We’ll take your call on our new cloud-based app.