How to Host an Oscar Themed Reception


Congratulations, you’ve mapped your wedding! Now lets take a look at a reception that is sure to make it to the big screen!


We are going to map this out using a three-hour layout.  For the entrance area, you want to roll out a red carpet. You also want to have a schedule of your reception displayed on a marquee board.


6:00pm – Concession stand opens. Candies, nachos, soft drinks! All your favorite movie time snacks go here on a concession type display.


6:15pm – Newlywed dinner begins! Seat your sweetheart couple in director style chairs with their names on them; and action!


6:30pm – Hand one of the groomsmen a clapperboard and have them introduce the couple, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, take one!”


6:35pm – Formal film viewings begin! Let your couple display some of their favorite short films of their favorite life moments here. Make sure and show them on a projector!


7:30pm – Now that everyone has built up an appetite watching some short films, it is time for cake! Serve them on movie reel plates!


7:45pm – Toasts! Get your guests involved here and hand out some Oscars! Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen prepare a list of guests that they will award some Oscars to here, and don’t you forget the best couple of the year award goes to the Bride and Groom!


8:00pm – Okay, there has to be at least a little dancing at a wedding reception right? Bridesmaids pick the best dance music, only here; have them create a thirty-minute play list of some great movie songs! Ghostbusters is surprisingly very danceable, “I ain’t fraid of no ghost”.


8:30pm – Let the bride keep her bouquet and garter and instead let’s toss some popular movie props! Have the bride throw some ruby red slippers instead. The groom can throw a light saber! For an even extra hoot, have the bride throw a remote controlled snitch from the Harry Potter movies!


8:50pm – Time to say goodbye to our special couple! Hold the rice and sparklers and instead have everyone hold some clapperboards for the last scene!


9:00pm – The final cut! Make sure everyone grabs a goody bag on the way out with your favorite movie items inside. Miniature Oscar statues, microwave popcorn, some candy and if you want to be super fancy a couple of movie tickets!


That is how to throw a memorable Oscar themed reception! This is your special day; so make sure to fill it with things that you enjoy!

Pictured Debbie Elias of Elias Events, Laurette Veres of H Texas Magazine, and Sonia Soto. Photos by: Emmanuel Aguirre.