By Marian Jacob

You have just been asked to be the maid of honor and have no idea what you signed up for. Here are some duties and tips to help you prepare for the big day.  Your duties will range from helping in the wedding planning process, attending wedding appointments, to trouble shooting both physical and emotional crises. Francesa and Felicia were friends before they became made of honor and bride. “My main role was to communicate with the wedding party,” says Felicia. As decisions were made, I sent out communications to the group.”

Your right hand woman. Maid of Honor. Photo by Chris W Photo
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·     Lead bridesmaids; guide them through their duties (delegate tasks), make sure they get their bridesmaid dresses, etc.

·     Plan the bridal shower (optional) every detail,send invites and record all gifts.

·     Help shop for the brides’ and bridesmaids dresses including jewelry and shoes

·     Attend any pre-wedding events; engagement party,rehearsal dinner, etc.

·     Plan the bachelorette party; work with your bridal team to plan the best party based on what the bride wants

·     Answer questions from guests; from gift registry to pre-wedding events and about the wedding day. You are a point person forguests.


On the BIG day:

·     Have an emergency kit for bride; be prepared for the small, unexpected things that occur. (Advil, band aids, safety pins, wipes)

·     Make sure the brides eats, stays hydrated, calm and enjoys the day

·     Know the timeline, keep your team in line and communicate with vendors if necessary.

·     Fix train when the bride is situated on altar/stage/beach

·     Hold brides’ bouquet and your own during vows& ring exchange

·     Keep grooms ring; if no ring bearer you are in charge of the grooms’ ring until the exchange

·     Sign marriage license as witness; right after the ceremony, the officiate, newlyweds sign the marriage license with maid ofhonor and best man as witness.



·     Enter reception with best man and dance with best man after first dance

·     Check on bride, make sure bride is stress free,if need be use restroom

·     Give a toast; something cute, gunny and from the heart

·     Record all gifts received (personally keep all gift envelopes especially if it has money)

·     Help bride pack up her things, Make sure all gifts go in the right car

·     Make sure top-tier of cake goes home (freezer)

·     Stay for any last minute cleanup duties


*Note: Create your own checklist; at the end of the night make sure it is complete