Natalie & Frank

Natalie Jenkins and Frank Vega

October 29, 2017

photography by: Koby Brown

Happy Together

Frank  and Natalie met on a stormy Houston night at a neighborhood lounge. Natalie  had attended a charity fashion show and was meeting friends. She exited a cab  and came running in out of the rain, holding her garment bags. Frank  immediately noticed the potential for disaster with the wet floor and  overburdened Natalie, and came to assist her. The rest is history.

Frank  organized a surprise engagement at the couple’s newly purchased home. Frank  invited and coordinated out-of-town family members, friends, a caterer, bar,  and furniture rentals… since their new home was empty! He brought Natalie  to the house to “celebrate with a bottle of champagne” and when he opened the  door, everyone was waiting in the rotunda to see the big moment. Natalie was  immediately overwhelmed, since she had no idea her family was in town or that  they were about to get engaged. Frank then dropped to one knee and proposed  to Natalie in middle of the group and the celebration began.

 Frank and Natalie  decided on a Sunday, family-only wedding on Halloween weekend at Evelyn’s  Park in Bellaire. The couple loves to  host and still wanted to include their friends in their special weekend, so  they organized an all-day costume party on Saturday before the wedding. They extended  an open-door policy to their home and had friends and family come and go  throughout the day to enjoy pumpkin carving, yard games, music, open bar and  grill, and general camaraderie. To create an instant memory album, Frank and Natalie had a themed photo backdrop and encouraged everyone to pose for a  Polaroid, stick it in the album, and write a sentiment. 

Frank and Natalie love  music. Their family, especially the Vegas, love music, singing, and dancing.  Frank had the idea to have a singing dinner at their wedding, and Natalie  loved it! To get the party started immediately and avoid a boring wait, they  arranged the tables to encircle the dance floor so that everyone could be  included in the singing dinner. They made a playlist of favorite songs and  encouraged their guests to grab the microphone and join in. It wasn’t long  before the entire group was singing at the top of their lungs and passing the  microphone around between bites of short rib and salad.  – Laurette  M. Veres


Natalie’s advice

DON’T obsess about the  details! Your family and friends are there to celebrate YOU and your husband  – not the candy with your faces on it, or the outrageously expensive veil, or whether the flowers perfectly match your bridesmaids dresses.  DON’T compare yourself to others. The reasons you and your wedding are  special are not the same as anyone elses. DO have great music, food, and  libations. In my experience, those are the key components for an amazing  party! DO ask for help. Your loved ones will be honored to help address  envelopes, pick up the cakes, or let you borrow decorations.  



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