The value of Photography is overlooked in the Wedding and Events Industry! Photography is important in the planning process and should take priority. Here are a few key characteristics you should use when choosing your ideal Photographer for your big day!

*Investment! Price is key when trying to stay in line with your budget during planning. However, Photography shouldn’t be looked at as a simple price or needing the “cheapest” photographer. Your photos of your big day are an investment and your BEST keepsake for memories! When your day is long gone, you will always have your professional photos to look back on and relive your best moments.

*Style! You should search for a photographer that has the mood/style you are envisioning. For example, one photographer may have a dark/moody/goth style of photography while another is more light/airy. To help guide you in this decision, know the mood and theme of your wedding.

Fun Fact: I love the “Photo Journalistic” approach to photography style!

*Portfolio! Have you stalked your photographer? How did you like their Instagram portfolio? Was the style and importance of shots consistent? In your process of searching, make sure you take notice of the importance of candid photos, detail shots and angles. These should be strong points of your photographer and key images you will want in your wedding album.

*Professional! Going “cheap” or using “the family friend” for a “discount” sounds good but believe me…choose the professional for the sake of amazing memories captured. Check the reviews of your chosen photographer. An amazing photographer will have rave reviews and an outstanding rating! Fun Fact: Choosing a photographer with a second shooter option is a PLUS!

*Classic, Timeless and Unique! Speaks for itself!!

Searching for your photographer shouldn’t be stressful. You should know the way you picture your wedding photos/album. Book the photographer that meets your vision, worth the investment and will bring every level of professionalism to your event!

Happy Planning!

Neallisha S. French