Wedding Podcast Launches Six New Episodes

Bridal Extravaganza Show is thrilled to announce the release of six new episodes on its popular Wedding Podcast. The new episodes which feature vendors attending the Bridal Extravaganza show will be available for listening and download on SoundCloud starting at one per week leading up to the show. Each episode dives deep into all things weddings. Topics includes selecting the perfect color scheme for your wedding, the perfect “white” for each bride, all the secrets on crafting the perfect cake, insights on capturing your special moments and much more. These episodes will serve to be a reliable resource for brides and grooms as it goes in depth on the big and small details that go in to creating a dream wedding.

Join Host Laurette Veres as she takes listeners on the journey that is wedding planning. With expert insights and exclusive stories from professionals in the wedding industry, each episode includes such interviews as Color and Style Analyst Blair, owner of Maeve Melange, visionary behind the groundbreaking service revolutionizing the industry known as Color Analysis. Discover how Blair’s expertise can transform your wedding day into a masterpiece of elegance and harmony. Unlock the secrets to finding your perfect white and so much more.

“This is something that is very new to the industry, I am actually the only one that I can find that does this. I am a Wedding Image Consultant. So, what I do is I combine color analysis and style analysis, and stylists so I am also your personal stylist. To help you find your perfect colors, your perfect white and your entire makeup look!” Says Blair from Maeve Melange on episode 85 of the podcast.

Key highlights of each episode include.

  • An in-depth conversation with professionals who are successful in the wedding industry
  • Tips and Tricks from the host
  • How listeners can contact guest on the show for their own wedding

Listeners can tune in to the “Bridal Extravaganza Show” Wedding Podcast on Soundcloud to the must- listen to episodes. The episodes are also being released just weeks before the Highly anticipated Bridal Extravaganza show and will feature vendors that will also be in attendance. For more information, visit and search Bridal Extravaganza Show.

About Bridal Extravaganza Show Wedding Podcast: Bridal Extravaganza Show Wedding Podcast is a show dedicated to exploring all the aspects of wedding planning. From expert interviews to examples of real-life weddings that benefited from these services, the podcast offers inspiration, insight and entertainment for anyone creating their dream wedding. Hosted by Laurette Veres, get exclusive tips that can only be found in this podcast.