Wedding Trends 2024

By Laurette Veres

As the producer of America’s largest wedding planning event, we have the awesome opportunity to sneak a peek at the wedding world’s hottest trends.

Houston’s best vendors put their best foot forward each January and July at our premier events.

As wedding professionals set the tone for the year to come, here are some trends you should consider as you plan your big day.

Bride and Groom Wedding Party Trends

To party or not to party?

Gone are the days of large wedding parties.

The companions you ask to stand by your side have been with you through thick and thin.  Only the best should make the cut; many are opting not to have a bridal party at all.

Disappearing Wedding Traditions

To heck with tradition!

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a wedding, you might not recognize the activities.

Traditions are being tossed out the window.

For instance,

  • no traditional guest book to sign,
  • no bouquet toss,
  • no cake cutting and service,
  • no matching bridesmaids dresses, and
  • no formal departure.  

Using a Wedding Calendar that Saves You Money

Wedding Friday, Ceremony Saturday
The ceremony usually causes anxiety and requires a rehearsal.

Why not get this part out of the way?

Host the ceremony on Friday, then turn your attention to the party.

On Saturday, focus on fun!

Photography Trend in 2024 Weddings

You must have a Drone
Ever since Lady Gaga launched the drone show at the Super bowl in Houston, drones have been captivating audiences with choreographed displays of light. Drone shows are an eco-friendly alternative to a fireworks show.

If you’ve seen one you know how customizable they are. What a great way to depict the couple’s unique story.

photo by Carlos Roberto Nevarez

Wedding Content Creator

In today’s world, nothing seems to be more important than social media. If it’s not on Instagram, did it happen?

For couples who care about the curated post, a content creator might be the answer.

Don’t be at the mercy of your aunt or cousin; hire a professional content creator to make sure your nuptials are featured correctly on TikTok and Instagram.

Wedding Poses – Strike a pose…. No more

Photography is going candid.

The fewer posed shots, the better.

Your photographer will still follow you around, but they are going rogue. The focus (pun intended) is on capturing the “energy” of the moment, not just the moment itself.

And remember disposable cameras and Polaroid cameras?  They’re back.

The net is couples win as their wedding is captured from many vantage points.

Fur Babies in Weddings

Photo by Mandi Roach

In the past couple of years, pets have taken on new meanings for couples, often offering much-needed companionship during lockdown.

If you can bring your puppy to the wedding, do it!

If you can’t, you can still involve your furry love in some manner.

Consider a sketch of your fur baby on a cocktail napkin, a groom’s cake, or cooking, paying homage to your love.

Sustainability and Weddings

When possible, couples choose sustainable practice items for their wedding.

If you can rent or purchase items you will reuse, you might not save money, but you’ll save the planet.

Another way to achieve this is to lean into seasonal, locally grown plants and flowers.

Look around for native plants that don’t have to be shipped in.

Search for flowers that are naturally blooming in a garden and build around them.

For instance, here in the Greater Houston area, when the azaleas bloom in the spring, you could build your color pallet around the beautiful pink, peach, and white hues.

Champagne Towers

photo by Mandi Roach

This fun way to serve champagne continues to be on trend—well, because champagne towers are fun!

Stack your glasses, pop the bubbly, and pour from the top.

Tip: You just need to make a tower of 30 glasses; there is no need to serve all your guests from the tower.

Experiential Wedding Entertainment

via Cindi Instagram

Have you ever seen a roaming silhouette artist? One of the most famous ones, Cindi Rose, lives right here in Houston.

Yes, you can delight your guests with a piece of art.

Let this be the year for the live painter. Watch the painter work their magic as your reception takes place. At the end of the event, the work of art will be complete.

Big Wedding Fashion Trends is Colorful and Bold

Bold patterns with large floral bold lace floral patterns, just like Taylor Swift wore at The Eras Tour movie premiere.

The pattern is what catches the eye and looks great in photos.  


Themed Rehearsal Dinners

photo by Charlie Horse Photography

Tell your story with a themed rehearsal dinner.

Do you love movie night? How about an Academy Awards-themed rehearsal dinner?

Celebrate your Irish heritage with cornbread and cabbage.

Love playing Clue? Did you know you can host a murder mystery dinner complete with who-does-it actors and prizes?

Non-traditional Wedding Guest Books

Modern Guest Book from I Do Engravables

Guests can record their well wishes in vintage audio phones. These cute recording devices entertain your guests and provide you with precious audio you can enjoy for years to come.

A message in a bottle is a creative way to collect guests’ notes of love coming back.  Choose an old vintage wine bottle or a bourdon bottle and have guests leave notes on sticky notes.

Read the notes on your first anniversary.

Permanent Wedding Favors

Do you even remember the favors you have received over the years?

Monogrammed chocolate, honey, mini champagne bottles?

This year, couples are treating guests to

  • bracelets welded onto wrists,
  • tattoos, and piercing stations. Yep, you read right.

Too avant-garde for your taste?

  • Hire an on-site engraver to personalize candles for your guests
  • or an embosser to add initials to leather-bound journals.

Recovery Lounge

The night was unforgettable. What about the next day?

Instead of a farewell brunch, create a recovery lounge

  • Include grab-and-go breakfast
  • chair massage
  • IV drips.


photo by Vicki Travel Girl

Honeymoon Trend

Minimoon Before the Honeymoon

Do you have to get back to work?

Want to save time for that bucket list trip to Egypt? Consider a mini-moon right after the wedding and a larger trip at a later date.

Destination Weddings Keep Trending Up

As the cost of doing business in Houston rises, you could turn your attention to a destination wedding.

Inherent in this type of escape is the smaller guest list. According to the 2023 Destination Wedding Global Market Report, this industry grew more in 2023 than it did in 2022, growing from $21 billion last year to $28 billion this year. The report forecasts that 2027 the industry will be worth more than $78 billion.

They are also so popular due to the increased focus on family.

Who’s Hungry? Wedding Food Trends

photo by Ivan Garcia

Wedding food – make your menu meaningful.

If you have a favorite family recipe, this is the time to bring it out.

  • Perhaps print the recipe for folks to take home.
  • Also, late-night snacks and food carts are a great way to wow your guests.
  • To see these trends in real life
  • And so much more, come to the BridalExtravaganza Show!


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