How to get the most out of wedding shows

Taken from Alan Berg’s Wedding Business Solutions podcast



1.    Plan your booth to standout. High signage so it can be seen even when your booth is full of people.

2.    What is the visual? Make sure you have no barrier. Do not sit or eat in the booth. Show your results they get when they hire you.

3.    Be prepared with elevator pitch. What is your 3 second story?

4.    What are you going to pass out in your booth – do you talk about the results of hiring you?

5.    Prepare your follow up before the show.

You are spending money for the space and staff and food and handouts. You want to get every dollar from this investment. This group of people doesn’t exist anywhere else. They came to the show looking for items for their wedding. If you get no answer, follow up again. Get the conversation going. Change subject lines, change methods.