Why is lighting so important in an event?

By Carolina Hernandez

Photography by Grace Rose Photography

Lighting can give depth and ambiance to your wedding day; it helps set the mood and helps guests focus on the special moments throughout your big day. The right kind of lighting will illuminate the details you spent hours on noticed and make everything look better by focusing on what you would like to stand out. The way TheKnot explained lighting was, “We like to think of lighting as the jewelry of a space- just as a certain mix of accessories can make an outfit, the right lights will make your reception unforgettable.”

Leigh Ballinger from LitePro says the key is to make your event stand out, not the lighting company’s gear. When considering lighting, he says the party should “glow, not explode.”

The right setup will guarantee everyone will be focused on what you want them to be focused on. Whether it’s the dance floor, the expensive ice sculpture, the floral backdrop, the head table, or the beautiful centerpieces you worked so hard on. Lighting is important during your vows as you want the focused light on both of you during this intimate moment along with your first dance. Low dim lights during the intimate moments and dinner time are ideal. Candles can come into play during dinner time and will inspire your guests to talk to each other over dinner. Light essentially guides your guests where to focus and you havecontrol on what you want to show them. It’s often taken too lightly, and we are here to explain the psychology and tips as to why you should not underestimatethe power of lighting.

How many times have you stepped into a room and it did not feel warm and welcoming? The various lighting elements also have psychology tied in. We are emotionally connected to light and respond cognitively based on what different lights are chosen.  Solutions explains, “A bright light helps to make sense of an environment … making it a more pleasant space, according to Robert Davis, who has a doctorate in cognitive psychology. If a room doesn’t have sufficient light for us to understand what’s going on, we are less likely to enjoy the room.”. They also explain how different hues affect mood, forexample warm, red to yellowish light creates relaxing atmospheres and result in the greatest emotional effect while blue influenced emotions too but only whenhighly saturated. TCPI adds in, “The direction of a light source can transform spaces and impact the way people feel in these spaces. Lighting positioned above eye level can createa feeling of restraint, creating a more formal atmosphere. On the other side, lighting positioned below eye level can provoke a feeling of individual importance, creating a more informal atmosphere.”

Optimistically, lighting is a quick fix that can change the atmosphere in the room with just a simple change in illumination, focus, and mood. However, it takes someone with a keen eye that knows the psychology and emotional connection it has along with what the couple’s goal for their wedding day.

So,who would you ask for help in the planning process? Well, there are a couple of ways. First, you can ask your event designer, wedding florist, or the coordinator at your reception can recommend a lighting pro they regularly work with. Lighting experts usually have a background in theater and are very up to date with technology and techniques in weddings.

Questions to consider when determining:

·      What room features do you want to highlight?

·      What elements would you like to highlight?

·      Are there any areas in the room you want to make a focal point?

·      Can the lights be dimmed and controlled as needed?

Here are a few lighting elements to become familiar with according to MDM Entertainment:

·      Gobo: A round stencil insert that goes into a special fixture to project a design or pattern onto a wall or floor. Many couples use a custom gobo with their wedding dates to project their monogram or motifs on the dance floor or the wall by the head table

·      Pin Spot: A spotlight used to highlight an object like a wedding cake, beautiful tall centerpieces, and sweet table. By using this option, you have control over dimming the overall lighting effectively hiding unflattering features in the room.

·      Color Wash: A blanket of color that will cover the entire area to create a mood or change the look especially in a tent wedding since the whole tent is a canvas. Also, focusing on the dance floor can take the night to a next level with your guests!

·      LED: The name is short for Light Emitting Diode and it uses much less electricity as regular light bulbs.It’s the newest technology in the wedding industry and they also don’t get a shot as regular light bulbs do. Although fixtures are more expensive, they can also be wireless which helps with being more discreet. In addition, they allow you to achieve different color changes and hues with just one lighting fixture.

How much will all of this cost? According to Ballinger, the size of your floral displays and how many lights you need will help determine the cost. Also in some country clubs there is an in-house AV company. An outside vendor might have to pay a fee.

Ballinger has worked with five presidents.
“We have so many relationships and we have the credibility. When we say we’ve got this, we’ve go this.”

The images shown in this blog show the lighting that Leigh Ballinger and LitePro set up for the Visit the Venues tour.